Your event in a special setting …

Celebrate unique hours in our 270-year-old banquet rooms, which have been restored in accordance with the preservation of monumental buildings. Experience the shine that our baroque salons give to every occasion, whether you celebrate a milestone birthday or a special company event.

Feel like the owners of the castle when the family gives you their private living room for an extraordinary celebration. We offer you professional support for every celebration. So we can take care of everything for you, from the food to the seating and decoration, so that you can celebrate completely carefree.

However, according to the modular principle, you can for example also bring a caterer with whom you have had good experiences. Let us do what you do not want to, bring along what you cannot do without, according to the motto: Everything is possible!

Familie von Hagke
Schloss Münchweiler
66687 Wadern

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